Villages that march to a different drummer, wild landscapes and the secret of long life.

Icarus, the impetuous son of Daedalus who disobeyed his father and flew too close to the sun, aptly gave his name to this rocky island in the North Aegean. Things are done differently here. No one is ever in a hurry, which might account for incredibly long life spans, and in some places the normal day/night cycle is completely turned on its head. The island itself is a study in contrasts and the unexpected.

High, bare, rocky mountains alternate with green slopes, flowing streams and beaches that could have been imported from the South Seas. Ikarians have a legendary capacity for fun, food, mirth, music and drink. Are you ready for something completely different? Come to Ikaria. It is an island-phenomenon unlike anywhere else in Greece, or the world.

About The Location

Every village takes advantage of some saint’s day to hold a fair involving music, dancing, tons of food and tanker-loads of wine and raki. They often last all day and all night but even the oldest don’t flag. If you’re at all interested in local traditions and people, you’ve got to experience one or more. Luckily some of the largest are in August;  at  Christos in Rahes on the 6th, Langadas, Monokambi and Akamatra on the 15th, Karavostamo on the 17th and Maratho on the 27th.

A large stream cascades down the slope and meanders into  the Aegean, watering plants and trees that provide shade to a host of laid-back young people. The scattered  remains of an ancient temple to Artemis Tauropolou lie where it flows into the sea. Two of the aspects of Artemis worshiped here were nature’s seminal power and its impact on the landscape.

Two beaches as different from each other as they could be, yet both incredibly special. Mesahti is huge and golden, ideal for water sports, sand castles, refreshing drinks and the soothing sound of the waves while your soul drinks in the blue horizon.

A small beautiful beach, reached after a good ten-minute hike, Seychelles is as exotic as its name would suggest. White rocks, boulders and cliffs combine with translucent blues to magic up the stuff of dreams. It’s a good idea to bring supplies of your own, as only occasionally does a small boat come by hawking “something to eat, something to drink”.

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