Beautiful coastline, friendly people, good fresh foods and delicious local wines, that could easily compete against many European vineyards. The summer is long and good weather is virtually guaranteed between May and as late as end October.

Few countries in the world have such a cultural diversity as Turkey. Spanning over two continents combining the East, the West and the Orient of today with the ancient Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman and Persian empires. Turkey stands in a class of its own.

Set against a backdrop of pine clad hills, Marmaris is a resort that combines natural beauty with an astounding zest for life. Famed forits nightlife, the most extravagant on the entire South coast, this developedresort offers the best of both worlds; the nightlife is unending, andnumerous clubs and bars stretch along the coast from the elegant marinato the curve of Icmeler, the smaller resort close by. On the other hand, thesurrounding countryside offers the best in culture, due to the successionof scenic roads and sympathetic villages, which lead to ancient ruins andunspoilt beaches.Perfect for all age groups, Marmaris is one of the most popular resorts inTurkey. Once you visit it, you will understand why.

About The Location

Marmaris has wonderful beaches. There are about 6 miles of breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters in Marmaris that start from central Marmaris to Icmeler. The beach promenades are lined up with great restaurants, cafes and bars.

Boasting stunning landscapes and natural surroundings, long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea, quiet little bays, countless ancient ruins and all the typical charms and hospitality of any Turkish city, Marmaris has all the hallmarks of a Mediterranean paradise. Below you’ll find detailed information about the popular daily excursions from Marmaris.

If you’re on a family holiday in Marmaris, take a day out to visit the water parks in Marmaris, which is packed with enough thrilling water-rides, chutes and bumper boats to make both kids and adults want to come back another day for more. Water parks in Marmaris are very popular with its fascinating environment; it takes the attraction of the most teenagers and children. There are two big water parks in Marmaris. One of them, also the biggest and the most popular one is Aqua Dream Water Park and the other one is Atlantis Water Park.

Marmaris Map