Turgutreis (formerly the village of Karatoprak, before being renamed in 1972 in honor of the Ottoman seaman Turgut Reis who was born here in 1485) is a town in Turkey about a 60-minute drive from Bodrum International Airport. It is the second largest town on the Bodrum peninsula and is part of that district, in Muğla. Has an area of 55,000 Hectare. Turgutreis is 20 kilometers from Bodrum, and is spread throughout a rich valley well planted with orchards and vegetable gardens, making the town a centre for commerce on the western side of the peninsula. Produce from the surrounding villages are collected here for transport. The town is a popular holiday destination with its 5 kilometres of sandy beaches, waterfront restaurants and bars. The market on Saturday also attracts many Holiday goers from surrounding areas and is a very busy and bustling example of middle east with a western touch. The market owners take Euros, British Sterling and the Turkish Lira. Although most items are fake they are still a cheap alternative to the expensive originals. Haggling is a must as most Bazaars in the world. There are mostly hotels and holiday homes peppered along the coast line but there is evidence of more production of homes.

The coastline consists of several inlets, with steep mountains running parallel to the coast. There are 14 Turkish islands around Turgutreis including Küçük Kiremit, Büyük, Fener, Çatal, Yassı, Tüllüce, Kargı, Köçek, Kadıkalesi, and Sarıat, as well as the Greek islands Kos and Kalimnos. The coast and the sea around the islands is littered with wrecks that are the source of artifacts on display at the Bodrum Museum.

About The Location

  • This is the largest weekly market on the peninsula, and has expanded so much over the fast few years that now half of it has moved across the other side of the main street to make room for it.
  • The produce and food stalls are held in the large square car park area near to the warren of tourist shops, and the pazar section of the market selling textiles, clothes, shoes bags and souvenirs is located down a narrow side street.
  • Together, these markets add up to one loud crowd and market experience. Get ready to haggle.

nd if all of these shopping opportunities aren’t enough to keep you on dry land, you can head off onto the Aegean. Turgutreis has a large selection of Daily Boat Trips on offer

  • Wander around the Marina to gaze at the amazing display of ocean vessels, with plenty of eateries and shops to distract you. There’s shops and designer stores at the Marina, as well as restaurants, bars, cafes and an outdoor concert area.
  • if you’d like to go further afield, catch a Ferry to one of the Greek Islands from the Marina.
  • There are services to Kos and Kalymnos from this ferry port.
  • Video of Ferry ride from Turgutreis to Kalymnos
  • Yassıada, an island just 4 miles away from Turgutreis is well known for 16 shipwrecks dating from between the 4th-16th centuries, and is a well known diving spot.

Turgutreis Map